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Do you have a thrush problem?

Smelly feet are more than an embarrassment for horses. A noxious rotting odor emanating from the underside of a hoof is a distinct sign of a fungal infection called thrush. The responsible organism, Spherophorus neaophorus, eats away at the tissues of the frog, leaving a blackish ooze on the surface.

If the infection is severe it can underrun the adjacent sole and spread to involve the deeper structures, such as the digital cushion, hoof wall and heel bulb. Then there may be some pain on palpation around the frog and bulbs of the heel, together with filling of the limbs and a varying degree of unsoundness.

True Blue laboratory study summary

Executive summary

Fusobacterium Necrophorum is a microorganism generally associated with thrush in
horses. The purpose of the study was to assess the efficacy of True Blue Thrush
Solution against this bacterium.

Application of commercial strength True Blue Thrush Solution on inoculated meat
samples was compared against an equivalent water wash solution. The samples were
inoculated with Fusobacterium Necrophorum to a level of 1,100,000 CFU/ml (organisms
per milliliter). The water wash reduced levels to 650,000 CFU/ml within 5 minutes. The
True Blue Thrush Solution reduced levels to 0 CFU/ml within the same 5 minutes and
for the duration of the study. Thus, True Blue completely killed all the organisms and
prevented any new growth from occurring.

The study was conducted by The Clinical Microbiology Institute (Wilsonville, OR)
according to federal Good Laboratory Practice Guidelines 21 CFR 58.


Full study
A copy of the full study can be obtained from SafeQuest Technologies, LLC by sending
a request to or calling our offices at 207-351-5668.

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