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About Us

SafeQuest Technologies LLC

We have nearly 15 years of experience in successfully developing anti-microbial solutions for live animal and human food safety applications. Our new venture, SafeQuest, is focused on developing safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solutions for horses with bacterially driven conditions such as thrush and white line disease.


Rosemary, who holds a patent for the invention of an antimicrobial compound that addresses digital dermatitis in dairy cows, is a lifelong horse owner.  She is well aware of the limitations of existing thrush products, including smell, staining, skin irritation, and overall lack of effectiveness. True Blue Thrush Solution is the answer to these problems. True Blue is a fast acting, all natural blend of organic acids and salts that is safe for horses, humans, and the environment. This product has been in testing for two years and everyone who has tried it, including farriers and trainers, is claiming it’s the best product for thrush and white line disease they have ever tried.  


We know you and your horse will love it too.


Dennis & Rosemary Smithyman



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