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Customers are raving about True Blue Thrush Solution!

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We had a couple horses that came into our boarding facility (M & N Ranch in Dedham Maine) with thrush this year, two Shires and one Percheron cross, so – big feet with deep sulcus’s. Lol We used the True Blue on them and within a few days their feet were dry and looked great! We were very surprised at how quickly we saw results. We use this product and absolutely love it. Highly recommend it. 

-Nicole Marie, July 2018

Thank you so much for sending me samples! I handed one bottle out today on a severe thrush case and the owner was delighted to try it. I did the first application, i was impressed with how easy it was to apply, no harsh smell, didn’t stain my hands and it penetrates so well! I have very high hopes! the other bottle i’m going to use on my own horses because the farriers horses always have thrush. 

-Beth Lyn Lewis, June 2018

True Blue Thrush solution is the best thrush medication I have used! It works quickly (used exactly as directed on the bottle) and effectively.

After a long, snowy, winter with pads on longer than usual, my horse had thrush in both front feet. Three days of True Blue solved the problem. My farrier watched the first application and was impressed that it did not sting my horse. And I was impressed with how quickly it worked. - Laura Derick, June 2018

A HUGE Difference using this product verses others that say they'll treat Thrush. The Horses are so relieved of their pain and Thrush. THANK YOU.  - Lisa Murphy, June 2018

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