"It works fast on thrush and white-line, but it doesn't sting your hands or the horse. I can squirt it right in the crease of the frog - it's the best product I've tried."  

- Matt Guillemette, Farrier

Safe & Effective

True Blue Thrush solution is the best thrush medication I have used! It works quickly (used exactly as directed on the bottle) and effectively.

After a long, snowy, winter with pads on longer than usual, my horse had thrush in both front feet. Three days of True Blue solved the problem. My farrier watched the first application and was impressed that it did not sting my horse. And I was impressed with how quickly it worked.


-Laura Derick, Windham, NH

Leslie DeGrandmaison, Horse Trainer
Elizabeth Jewel, Horse Trainer, Riding Instructor

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